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Our Fresh n' Local meal program is not just about fresh, local,  high quality foods. By sourcing as much as 60% of our ingredients locally, we are proud to help build a regionally based community food system reducing transportation impact and supporting our local economy. We partner with schools to help them reduce waste around meal times and can even assist with school gardens and compost systems. Have you ever thought about all those plastic baggies and packaging in a typical lunch brought from home? Eat school lunch! Together we can have an amazing positive environmental impact and take back the cafeteria as a classroom to learn about where food comes from and how our food choices affect the world around us! Organic Fresh Fingers is proud to be part of the PGE Green Source program, supporting renewable energy from Wind and Biomass sources.

Committed to Sustainability

PGE Green Source Supporters

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We are proud to purchase sustainable energy to make your delicious food.


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We work hard to source your food locally! A typical meal provided by us contains 60% of ingredients found within 100 miles of Salem, Oregon.

Participation in Oregon League for Conservation Voters

Oregon League of Conservation Voters

Our CEO, Evann Remington, has been a steering committee member of the OLCV in order to provide a voice to prompt other businesses to consider their environmental impact. To learn more about this great organization visit the OLCV website.